The Impact of Writing about Friends and Family

I was interviewed by Michael Cuthbertson for MC Press about self publishing and the potential consequences that can arise when you write about your life and the people in it…



What’s Your Damage?

I contributed a piece to the zine What’s Your Damage: Mental Illness and Shit, published by MC Sunflower Jones. You can read a short review I wrote about it here. And it may still be for sale here. This was actually a really cool zine worth adding to one’s zine library.

Manchester-Based punk Zine “Sticky Sounds” interviews Piltdownlad and Ryan Mishap

The following are interviews with two zine writers who both produce zines of a personal nature. Kelly Dessaint is based in Los Angeles, USA, and is the editor of Pitldownlad. He is also the author of A Masque of Infamy, a novel which is available on Amazon in paperback or for Kindle. Ryan Mishap is based in Eugene, Oregon, USA, where he produces Mishap Zine.

[I’ve reproduced the pages from the print-based zine Sticky Sounds, Vol 7, December 2013, here with permission.]